Clinical Exercise Physiology

Students studying Clinical Exercise Physiology bring current expertise to our sporting environment.

SportUNE has strong associations with the University of New England’s Clinical Exercise Physiology degree programs.

The Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at UNE is a multidisciplinary program that develops a comprehensive understanding of the scientific and applied aspects of sport, exercise and health. The course includes core studies in human structure, function and behaviour before further study on the acute and chronic physiological and psychological responses to exercise in healthy individuals and those with chronic and complex health conditions. In the first three years of study, analytical, technical and professional skills are developed in the areas of movement analysis, health and fitness assessment and exercise training for health and performance. The final year of study provides advanced training in chronic disease management, functional conditioning and clinical practice. Students complete 500 hours of workplace experience to practice exercise-based management of neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, metabolic and other health conditions. Graduates are recognised for their expertise in the clinical application of exercise-based rehabilitation.