Corporate Fitness and Wellbeing

Organisations which offer corporate fitness programs experience big returns for taking an active role in the health and wellbeing of their employees.

But what are the benefits and why should your business get involved?

In recent years, organisations across the country have been reaping the benefits of good health and wellbeing, not just for the organisation but for the employees as well. When thinking of corporate health, we often think of the prevention of occupational accidents and illnesses. In fact,  corporate health and well-being can prevent both occupational and non-occupations illnesses while employees have fun and build social networks.

Unhealthy employees in the workplace can have a severe negative impact on the efficiency of an organisation. A recent Australian study showed that compared to their healthy co-workers, unhealthy workers take up to 9 times more sick leave and are 3 times less productive [1].

So how do organisations get the most out of their employees?

The answer lies in corporate fitness programs designed to improve the overall health of employees and in turn, your business.

Corporate fitness programs are not only focused on physical health; rather they take a holistic approach by recognising the connection that physical health has on an individual’s emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health and how improvements in these areas result in flow-on effects through an entire organisation [2].

Increased overall health has clear benefits for the employee as an individual, and for the employer. TheWorld Health Organisation highlights the following benefits of corporate fitness programs for both the employee and the organisation.

Well-managed health and safety programme Safe and healthy work environment
Positive and caring image Enhanced self-esteem
Improved staff morale Reduced stress
Reduced staff turnover Improved morale
Reduced absenteeism Increased job satisfaction
Increased productivity Increased skills for health protection
Reduced health care/insurance costs Improved health
Reduced risk of fines and litigation Improved sense of well-being

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[1] Medibank Private. The Health of Australia’s Workforce. November 2005.

[2] Crowther et al, Measuring the benefits of corporate health and wellbeing, Interdisciplinary Team Research, Monash University, 2004.

No matter how small or large your business is, you can reap the rewards of a corporate fitness program.

At SportUNE we offer exciting corporate health and wellbeing options to help your business reach its goals. Whether it is gym memberships, nutritional seminars, or group training sessions with your colleagues, our tailor-made programs will help you realise the benefits of a healthy workforce.