The importance of staying active

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This week is Men’s Health Week and a good time to reflect on the state of men’s health in Australia.

Although it doesn’t have to be the case, every hour in Australia, more than four men die from potentially preventable conditions.  They suffer more illness, accidents and their life expectancy is at least five years less than their female counter parts.  Men take their lives at four times the rate of women.

There are many reasons for the poor state of men’s health and Mally McCormack, Gym and Group Fitness Coordinator at Sport UNE, believes that a very important part of combating these serious statistics is by incorporating healthy eating and a regular exercise program into their lives,  which will provide for much better overall health and wellbeing.

“It can be difficult to make time for exercise in a busy schedule and men tend to put this last on their priority list, when really it should be first.”

“Research tells us that exercise not only helps with our physical fitness but has a significant impact on one’s mental health.  It increases energy levels and increases serotonin and leads to improved mental clarity.”

Ross Thomas, 78 years old, is a retired UNE Academic, who visits the gym at SportUNE five days a week, doing cardio, weights and stretching and strongly believes that exercise benefits him physically and cognitively.

“It’s a great start to the day, exercising makes me feel more energetic, as a result I’m more productive and my mental health is better.  I really believe exercise helps to give an overall sense of wellbeing and balance to my life.”

Mr Thomas had a health scare many years ago and this prompted him to become more active, but now it is more than that, “If I’ve been away and don’t get a chance to exercise I lose condition very quickly, so I know that it is keeping me fit and well.”

PHOTO: Ross Thomas, 78 years old, strongly believes that exercising gives him an edge, physically and mentally, in his everyday life.

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