Keeping Fit and Well in to Old Age

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NSW Seniors Week, held every March, is an opportunity for the community to thank, celebrate and recognise seniors and the contribution they make to society.


Running from 14-22 March, there are hundreds of events organised across the state, with something for everyone. As well as the fun events one of the focuses of the week, is on health and wellbeing.


Mally McCormack, Group Fitness Coordinator at Sport UNE said, “We all know one of the best ways of living a long and healthy life is through regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. Research tells us that, regular physical activity helps reduce the effects of aging, such as limited mobility, balance, flexibility and muscle strength. It also decreases the risk of heart problems, osteoporosis and helps fight chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity.”


“When you’re more active, you will have more energy, sleep better, be happier and have more self-confidence, and all it takes is 30 minutes of exercise a day. At SportUNE we have many older members enjoying a variety of classes, such as Mobility Plus, Yoga, Body Balance, Fitness Plus and Aqua Aerobics, which is very popular. One of our dedicated members, Ron Smith, is 79 years old and swims one kilometre, four to five times a week. Ron has been swimming all of his life and here at Sport UNE for over 30 years, starting the day after the pool opened in August 1980!”


Ron said, “My trick to swimming so far is to break down the laps in ratios, a quarter of the way, half way and so on. Having said that, I love swimming because it has no harsh impact on my body, but is still good fitness.”


Ron also walks and keeps himself generally active and his efforts all pay off, as he’s just about to go on an overseas trip to celebrate his 60th Wedding Anniversary.


For more information on Seniors Week or for information about what’s on offer at SportUNE

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