Youth Development Program

The UNE Volleyball Club is inviting High School students of all ages to participate in an exciting new initiative in 2016 to further develop youth volleyball. At a schools level, Armidale is slowly emerging as a volleyball town; we would like to see this develop further so that Armidale becomes a recognised schools volleyball stronghold in NSW. To that end, the club will be facilitating a youth development program where interested young players will be trained to improve individual player skills and, just as importantly, effective teamwork and team defensive and offensive capabilities. The programs will be overseen by head coach Amir Taher, a state representative player and experienced schools coach, with the assistance of a number of senior UNE players.

Two 8 week program levels will be offered:

1) Introductory Volleyball: A program for newer or younger players, this will target:

  • Basic skills in serving, overhead and forearm passing, spiking and blocking
  • Introducing the position of setter
  • Simple serve-receive and team offence positioning, rotation and transitioning.

2) Advanced Volleyball: A program for experienced school players with good ball control skills and/or players who have completed Program 1), this will target:

  • Consolidating higher skills in serving, passing, spiking and blocking
  • Position specialisation for players both front and back court
  • More advanced team offence and team defence tactics, positioning and transitioning.

The programs will consist of a 1 hr training session each week held on Monday nights during UNE Trimesters 1 and 2. Directly after training, players will then form into teams and participate in matches in the UNE Volleyball Club’s weekly competition also held Monday nights. Players can join the program as a team, or individually, and teams can be girls, boys or mixed.

This initiative is currently under development and sponsors are being sort. It is anticipated that costs will be kept low (less than $30/player/program which will include club membership and entry into the weekly competition) so that everyone can get on and develop their skills and have a lot of fun!

To register your interest – simply email your details to and we will keep you posted.