Twilight Soccer Rules


The rules for the Twilight Soccer Competition will be as pertaining to the FIFA Rules with the following alterations:

1. Competition Structure.

The competition will consist of a maximum of 14 teams per division. The format of the competition will be dependent on the number of teams entered (eg a 10 team competition will be round robin format with winner first past the post. An 8 team competition will involve a preliminary round robin with top 4 teams playing off in semi format 1v 4, 2v 3 and bottom four playing off 5v8, 6v7.) N.B. The allocated draw will determine the competition format for each division.

The decision of the referee in all fixtures is final.

2. Team Size.

The maximum number of players permitted to take the field is seven (7) mixed must include at least 3 women (including boys under 13 years of age) on the field at all times.

The minimum number of players that can be fielded without incurring a forfeit is four (4).

The maximum registered players for any team are twelve (12).

3. Match Duration.

Each match will be 2 x 25 minute halves-(5 minute half time and 5 minute changeover of games). Where a game commences late, the referee may reduce the time of each half by up to 5 minutes to ensure fixtures finish on time.

In the event of a match ending in a draw, this result will stand. No extra time or any other method will be employed to resolve the draw.

All matches should commence within 5 minutes of the designated starting time. There is no stoppage time.

4. Interchanges.

Unlimited interchange – play does not stop for an interchange to take place. Interchanges to take place from half way during a stoppage of play. The player substituted must leave the field before the substitute takes the field.

5. Points System.

Win – 5 points Score Draw- 3 points

Scoreless Draw- 2 points Loss- 1 point

Forfeit- 0 points

6. Championship Grading

In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points at the conclusion of round matches, the winner or finalists will be determined by applying the following criteria:

a) The team with the highest goal difference, ie: (goals for – goals against)

b) In the event of the goal difference being equal, the team scoring the highest number of goals shall be placed above the other team(s).

c) In the event that this still does not separate teams, then the team with the best result against the top team in their pool shall be placed above the other team(s). The best result to be determined by applying the following in order until the teams are separated: 1) Largest winning margin 2) Highest scoring draw 3) Lowest losing margin.

d) In the event that this still does not separated teams, then the toss of a coin will decide the winner.

7. Resolving Drawn Finals (if applicable)

In the event that scores are drawn at the end of normal time, two extra periods of ten (10) minutes duration shall be played with the golden goal rule applying.

At the end of this period, if the scores are still tied, a best of five (5) penalty shoot-outs (using five different players, two of which must be female in the mixed division) will take place.

In the event that both teams score the same number of penalties, a ‘sudden death’ penalty shoot-out will apply.

8. Forfeit Rules.

Each team must have a minimum of four (4) players before they can take the field. Players should be warmed up and ready to play at the exact scheduled time.

If a team is not able to take the field after five (5) minutes, one goal will be scored against them for every 2 minutes thereafter and up to 3 goals. If a team is still not able to field a team 11 minutes after the scheduled starting time they will be forfeited.

Forfeit Score: 5-0

9. Game Rules.

All kick offs to be taken from the half way line (start of play and after goals scored).

No sliding tackles are permitted. Players must be on both feet to make a tackle or an indirect free kick ` will be awarded.

Penalty kicks for goal are taken from directly in front of goal – 6 yards out (for juniors U/10 – U/12) and 12 yards out for U/14 up to seniors).

Kick outs from goal line – opposition cannot enter into the goal circle until the ball has cleared the circle and been touched by another player. All goal kicks should be taken within a metre of the goal line and within the goal circle.

A goal cannot be scored directly from a sideline ‘kick-in’.

No offside rules apply.

A defender (other than the goalkeeper) who handles the ball to prevent a goal will concede a ‘penalty’ and shall be cautioned.

All teams to have a designated goalkeeper who may only handle the ball inside the goal circle.

10. All players must wear shin pads that adequately cover the shin. No player may enter the field without shin pads.

All players must remove any visible jewellery.

11. Cards

Yellow and Red cards will be issued in accordance with FFA regulations.

A Green card will be used at the referee’s discretion. This card, when used will mean the player shown the card will automatically be benched for 5 minutes. A substitute player may take the field.

All Red card disciplinary matters will be dealt with by SportUNE.