Intercollegiate Sporting Competitions (MB/PT)

The Mary Bagnall (MB – female) and President’s Trophy (PT – male) intercollegiate sporting competitions have been strongly embedded in the Residential Colleges’ sporting tradition for many years.

You don’t need to be a champion, just ready to give it a go and have some fun.  Not in a college?  Not a problem.  Town students are able to affiliate with one of the UNE colleges.

Sports include: AFL, Golf, Rugby, NERF, Tennis, Field Athletics, Volleyball, AFL, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, Running Events, Netball, Swimming, Run/Swim, Touch Football, Hockey.

For more information, contact your MB/PT Representative.






21st Feb 2016

Swim Carnival Swim Carnival Armidale Town Pool

23rd, 24th
& 25th Feb

Rugby 7’s Rugby Union 7’s SportUNE
28th February Ultimate Frizbee Ultimate Frizbee Sport UNE

29th Feb
(Mon 5.30pm)

10, 000m 10, 000m Presbyterian Ladies College

2nd March

Lawn Bowls Lawns Bowl Armidale Ex- Services Club

5th March

Touch Touch SportUNE

9th March
(Wed 5.30pm)

3, 000m

4x 400m

3, 000m

4x 400m

Presbyterian Ladies College

12th March

Netball  – Campbell Hall

New Hall

13th March
Hockey HNE fields
18th March
Golf Golf Armidale Golf Club

19th March

Hockey  – SportUNE

20th March

Waterpolo SportUNE

21st March
(Mon 5.30pm)

5, 000m

4x 100m

5, 000m

4x 100m

Presbyterian Ladies College

3rd April

Volleyball Tennis SportUNE

30th April (MB)
1st May (PT)

Football Football Consett Davis SportUNE

8th May
(Sun 10am)

Athletics Athletics Presbyterian Ladies College

14th May

Waterpolo SportUNE

15rd May
(Sun 10am)

Hodsdons Relay Hodsdons Relay Triangle Running Track


2nd July
Basketball Basketball SportUNE

10th July

AFL 9’s Badminton SportUNE

17th July

Tennis AFL 9’s SportUNE

24th July

Badminton Volleyball SportUNE

31st July
(Sun 10am)

Cross Country Cross Country SportUNE

2nd September

Run /Swim Run/Swim SportUNE